Engage your workforce 

MxMax Productivity engages the workforce, starting with the operator.  Operators account for their shift’s production performance.  This has powerful impact, as for many processes the operator has more effect on performance than is recognized.  Benchmarking each shift or batch to ideal prompts the operator to watch for losses during the shift and provides visibility that encourages improvement without direct supervisor oversight.  Operators find they are given voice they didn’t have before, as MxMax™ quantifies and shows business impact of the problems they have to deal with.  And as improvements are made, their process runs more smoothly.  While not all of our customers have operators doing data entry, the vast majority are doing this successfully.

Supervisors can easily check on operations before visiting the control room, with the instant global visibility afforded by MxMax™.  They know how the plant ran, they see the operator’s reasons for production losses.  They can efficiently coach the operators and correct data as needed to ensure consistent capturing of the true cause of losses.

Engineers are relieved of data collection, spreadsheet configuration and configuring data for reports.  This frees more time for analysis and driving improvement.  MxMax™ provides reporting tools and depth of data that allow thorough and detailed analysis of all losses, as the engineer slices and dices data to reveal connections and cause.

MxMax™ enables management to see the measured impact of exceptions, eliminating the need to tie up the workforce in investigating exceptions.

The MxMax™ software provides us with an easy and effective OEE tool that focuses improvement efforts and brings results.
— Tracy Barlow, FMC Continuous Improvement Manager