…Operators self-motivated to account for performance

       …Supervisors informed before arrival at the control room

       …Engineers with deep data at their fingertips

       …Executives understanding the impact of each investment


The backbone of the MxMax™ software suite efficiently captures organizational intelligence on production performance.  It enables oversight, reveals total process performance, provides deep data for engineers as well as metrics and tools for executives and management.

MxMax Productivity™ captures in detail all losses (rate, cycle time, batch yield and quality; each shift is benchmarked versus best performance) and provides performance metrics pertinent to various functions in your site and supply chain.  This enables keen oversight of operations and provides rich data for improvement processes.

MxMax™ engages your workforce to drive improvement, achieve visible results, and create a culture of organizational excellence.   Its tracked metrics tie out to business results: 

  • Production impact of performance
  • Capacity impact of performance
  • Local team performance

Example Production Increase with MxMax™

Increases in production through loss elimination


MxMax Productivity™allows each site to  maximize it's capacity and the responsiveness of it's assets - in a sense, helping harvest of “hidden” plant capacity, while increasing revenue & GP from extra sales. This is done through:

  • Producing more product per operating hour
  • Increasing quality & yield
  • Improving delivery performance
  • Preparing for surges in sales
  • Optimizing costs
  • Managing working capital