Global Reach / Local Impact

MxMax Productivity™ provides global visibility of production & loss data, while configuring individually to each site and process.  It can be adapted to widely varying processes while maintaining consistency in the basis of application and performance metrics. 

This means that meaningful data can be extracted and analyzed across processes and sites. Each MxMax™ user sees only data pertinent to their assigned level: a process, area, site, division or enterprise.  

It provides local language and global language capabilities. Each user sees all data and functions in their preferred language.

User A sees this:   启动时间

User B sees this:   Start Time

MxMax™ has been implemented across five continents and in X countries.  Our clients range from large international manufacturing organizations to small, single-site operations. Whatever your organizational size or makeup, MxMax™ can be scaled to meet your needs.

MxStrategies delivers results, through MxMax and effective consulting support. MxMax is impressive, with its user friendly interface, web based delivery, and meaningful reports.
— Dennis Weatherford, Houghton Intl Plant Manager

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