MxStrategies' practitioner-based consulting and software services infuse your organization with the knowledge, best practices and tools to establish a culture of Manufacturing Excellence

We bridge corporate strategy with plant floor execution, harnessing your organization to meet corporate goals.  We are practitioner/consultants - we build our practices and tools on practical experience to achieve sustainable results.

MxStrategies and MxMax™ have given us value in a number of areas. The implementation of the measurement tool brought with it an intense period of learning for a number of staff from multiple areas of the organisation to improve not just their understanding OEE, OAU and AU, but also improve their understanding of the upstream and downstream effects their roles have within the organisation.

The MxMax™ tool offers a straight forward medium for data entry and many useful ways to interpret the data obtained. Gains for business can be seen in ways such as through identification and rectification of persistent issues that covertly slow your production processes down, and increased ease of report-out of plant performance and asset utilization.
— Chris Babbitt, Chemtura Manufacturing UK Operations Manager

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