MxMax™ is a suite of PRODUCTIVITY and INTELLIGENCE software tools designed specifically for process-industry manufacturing (production units with interconnected equipment & processes). 


...means creating a workforce culture that pursues operational excellence, engaging operators, supervisors, engineers and management in this pursuit. 


Manufacturing performance continuously improves through sustained elimination of both “normal” and “significant” losses, and through creative optimization of existing equipment and process limitations.  This allows your business to achieve excellent customer fulfillment and maximum benefit from each capital investment.


...means having data to verify and expand upon knowledge gained through valuable personnel engagement.

These data tie out directly to production quantity and gross profit impact. The metrics effectively distinguish between business limitations (e.g. lack of sales demand) and production performance.  They quantify the impact of product mix changes or major plant turnarounds and provide consistent information across different processes - in detail or in aggregate. 

The intelligence provided by MxMax™ is available on-demand globally and shows performance by business unit or locale with the granularity needed to enable lasting impact.  

...the MxMax software provides us with an easy and effective OEE tool that focuses improvement efforts and brings results.
— Tracy Barlow, FMC Continuous Improvement Manager