MxStrategies works on-site and remotely with key players in your organization to achieve ideal software setup.

On site Implementation Process

MxStrategies works with your site team at implementation to ensure an optimal setup for your process, after which the software is user maintainable. Our recommended setup will reveal the impact of downtime, rate, and quality losses on process performance, in a manner that relates to the value stream of your business.

Implementation begins with a site visit and process evaluation then proceeds with configuring MxMax™ in a manner that best fits your organization's needs.  After this* (plus establishment of optimal Connect™ communications), users are trained and we go live! 

*In some small plants, evaluation, setup and training can be completed in one site visit.  

Connect™ Implementations

For connected systems, more configuration and the establishment of software communications is required.  In this case, MxStrategies' technicians and programmers work with your organization's IT department to establish the necessary communications.  Typically, Connect™ is used to push data to MxMax™. 

On-Going SUpport 

After implementation, MxStrategies follows up with your organization to ensure successful setup and use of MxMax™. Your success is our success!

MxStrategies provides FMC Lithium with robust support for our operational excellence initiative.
— Tracy Barlow, FMC Continuous Improvement Manager

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