Process Impact 

MxMax Productivity™ contains ingrained best practices that configure to provide consistent terminology, metrics and methods across global operations of different process types.  It is designed on the concepts of Manufacturing Asset Utilization (AU), with results that tie out to the businesses financial Asset Utilization.  AU is the productivity method developed for and by process manufacturing businesses (as opposed to discrete unit production).  It directly correlates to business impact, and with data derived from the same data capture reveals Overall Equipment Effectiveness for the process (local production team performance).  



MxMax Productivity™ can be configured to work effectively across a variety of process types while maintaining consistency in basis of application and metrics across processes and sites.  

  • Batch
  • Continuous
  • Combination
  • Natural Raw Material
  • Distillation
  • Extraction

The robust configurability of MxMax™ allows for meaningful data collection at each unique site and production unit, as well as across a global organization. MxStrategies works with your team at implementation to setup the optimal configuration for each process.  

MxMax is the best-in-industry OEE application
— Tim Eberle, FMC Director of Operations