Consulting services

MxStrategies’ practitioners provide consulting services to enable our clients’ success in manufacturing excellence initiatives.  We specialize in:

  • Manufacturing Asset Utilization / Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Reliability and Maintenance
    • Global initiatives and establishment of best practices
    • Local implementation of best practices and systems
  • Mechanical Integrity

We use a stage-gate approach in preparing and equipping your organization. This model divides large or comprehensive improvements into phases, separated by "gates."  At each gate, success is evaluated and technique is honed.  This self-analyzing process ensures an approach tailored to your organization's specific needs and maximizes success. Our stages include: 

  • Evaluating organizational readiness
  • Defining metrics and goals
  • Refinement of systems and work processes
  • Establishing best practices
  • Harvesting business results

Our practitioners have experience working globally across five continents and a variety of cultures.  We can work with large multi-national corporations as well as small, single-site manufacturing operations. 

Please contact us to discuss how MxStrategies can help your organization achieve its unique improvement goals.