Our flagship software, MxMax™, provides your organization with the visibility it needs to eliminate losses and increase production capacity. This in turn can increase revenue and gross profit.   

Increase profits

with sustainable, predictable production performance

MxStrategies enables your manufacturing excellence initiative to increase profits with reliable, productive and cost efficient process industry operations.

Profits are increased when production processes run better. Business performance improves (capacity, order fulfillment, quality) and costs are thereby optimized.  It costs less to run well!

Avoid the risk of dire future consequences from cost cutting.  Instead, engage manufacturing excellence as a strategic business advantage to gain capacity, improved operational performance, and decreased total cost of ownership. 

increase Capacity

It is not uncommon for our clients to realize gains of 10 – 35% with a concerted manufacturing excellence initiative.  These gains provide needed capacity faster than expansion capital.  Even plants that have a longstanding culture of continuous improvement have gained 5% – 10% or more when afforded data on process impact (as opposed to an equipment aggregate), batch size variations, rate variations, and details on smaller losses aggregate impact.  These detailed data are not available in most OEE systems.

Example Loss Reduction from MxMax™

Large financial benefits are realized by utilizing capacity gained, both in additional gross profit and capital avoidance.

Example Capacity Increase from MxMax™

Capacity gained and utilized through Asset Utilization improvement by a client upon implementing MxMax Productivity™

This process showed a capacity gain of 25% over a 12 month period.  As an example, with GP at 35% of revenue and a 70% contribution margin, a 25% capacity increase would allow for a potential 50% increase in GP. 

Improved Operational Performance

Improved performance also impacts processes that are not capacity limited.  These processes can achieve better delivery performance and improved product consistency due to reliable, stable operations. This increases customer satisfaction and can allow for reduction in working capital.  This in turn can increase customer retention and your reputation as a responsive, reliable supplier.

Total cost of ownership

Cost-cutting initiatives, allow potentially effective in the short term, lead to declining operational performance and higher future costs.  Alternately, sustained manufacturing excellence initiatives lead to better operations and optimal long-term costs. Excellence in manufacturing and a focus on total cost of ownership provide ample opportunities to cut costs sustainable, including:

  • Elimination of operational overtime
  • Reduced need for operators working to cover production problems
  • Elimination of need for expedited shipments
  • Maintenance failure reduction
  • Reduced overtime, contractor maintenance, parts & emergency shipping
  • Higher capacity per shift
  • Avoidance of added shifts as production increases
  • Extended site no demand cold shutdowns
  • Reduced days / year of production needed to meet demand
  • Rationalized production footprint
  • Potential overall capacity gains

Focusing on improvements rather than cost cuts reduces overall cost of ownership in a way that will not compromise production quality over the long term. 

This well designed software product, the associated management systems, and supporting best practices provide us with a sustainable system for year over year performance improvement.
— Rob Haire, FMC Plant Manager

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