our approach

MxStrategies is a group of practitioners, meaning all of our consultants have practical experience in changing organizations from the inside.  Our method is based on Organizational Engagement - building knowledge, practices, tools and processes to create continuous improvement.  

MxStrategies' approach combines best practices, professional services and software tools to provide a comprehensive improvement plan.  Our methods are refined to enable sustainable results that deliver business value. Through working with MxStrategies, your organization can expect:


Clarity for setting strategy, goals and measuring results

  • Harvest value through global capacity gain / capital deferment strategy
  • Rally point for organization: consistency in method and metrics across all sites
  • Metrics configured to mirror organization: performance versus ideal & plan

Reliable and Effective Manufacturing Processes

  • Lean manufacturing: eliminate wastes, losses in production performance
  • Make what you want to make, when you want to make it, at the desired rate
  • Best practices for reliability, maintenance & mechanical integrity


Clear Results, delivering business benefit

  • Global Production Clarity: productivity, mix, capital projects, sales demand
  • Actual Operating Capacity: productivity, expansion & process improvement gains
  • Performance that ties to business impact

Productively engaged workforce

  • Operators operating & accounting for their production
  • Supervisors providing guidance & insight
  • Engineers getting to root cause and implementing solutions
  • Managers understanding performance & dealing with barriers

Strategies for Manufacturing Excellence


Products & SErvices: