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About MxStrategies™

Drawing from decades of hands-on success working within global operations to drive corporate and site improvement, MxStrategies delivers sustainable systems and best practices that engage your organization in the pursuit of manufacturing excellence.

MxStrategies was founded in 2009 with the purpose of providing process industry manufacturing businesses with strategies, tools, and expertise that lend competitive advantage through excellence in performance and reliability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve sustainable break-through results and deliver on-going business value for clients through ingrained best practices, knowledge, tools and systems that increase organizational aptitude and equip your company for continuous progress.

What We Do

We are an organization of manufacturing experts. We hire the best programming expertise and systems. We deploy our consultants to ensure your success. We provide proprietary operational excellence software designed to enable best practices, provide uniform visibility across operations, assure data integrity and enable executive oversight.

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MxStrategies is a group of practitioners, meaning all of our consultants have practical experience in changing organizations from the inside.  Our method is based on Organizational Engagement - building knowledge, practices, tools and processes to create continuous improvement.  


MxStrategies' approach combines best practices, professional services and software tools to provide a comprehensive improvement plan.  Our methods are refined to enable sustainable results that deliver business value.

Through working with MxStrategies, your organization can expect:

Reliable and Effective Manufacturing Processes

Clarity for Setting Strategy, Goals and Measuring Results

Productively Engaged


Clear Results,

Business Benefit

  • Operators operating & accounting for their production

  • Supervisors providing guidance & insight

  • Engineers getting to root cause and implementing solutions

  • Managers understanding performance & dealing with barriers

  • Lean manufacturing: eliminate wastes, losses in production performance

  • Make what you want to make, when you want to make it, at the desired rate

  • Best practices for reliability, maintenance
    & mechanical integrity

  • Harvest value through global capacity gain/ capital deferment strategy

  • Rally point for organization: consistency in method and metrics across all sites

  • Metrics configured to mirror organization: performance versus ideal & plan

  • Global Production Clarity: productivity, mix, capital projects, sales demand

  • Actual Operating Capacity: productivity, expansion & process improvement gains

  • Performance that ties to business impact

Our Approach
Our Team

Our leadership Team

David E. Brown.jpg

David E. Brown, PE


  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Reliability, Maint., Manuf. Ex. SME

Scott Reifsnyder.jpg

Scott Reifsnyder

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

P'hd Chemical Engineering

Process Development/Improvement SME

WC Crenshaw.jpg

W.C. Crenshaw

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

M.S. Chemical Engineering

Manufacturing Excellence SME

William Whitmire.jpg

William Whitmire

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

B.S. Electrical Engineering

Strategic Information Technology SME

Sachin Paliwal.jpg

Sachin Paliwal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

B.E. Electronics Engineering

Ideas to Software, Web App SME

Carolyn Brady.jpg

Carolyn Brady

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

B.A., Business & Economics

Executive Administration SME

Patrick Grozier.jpg

Patrick Grozier

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Excellence SME


Our Clients include

MxStrategies’ objective is our clients’ immediate & longer-term success.

We seek and deliver business value as we embed tools and practices into your organization that encourage and enable the pursuit of excellence.

Rob Haire,


Plant Manager

"This well designed software product, the associated management systems, and supporting best practices provide us with a sustainable system for year over year performance improvement."

"MxStrategies delivers results, through MxMax and effective consulting support. MxMax is impressive, with its user friendly interface, web based delivery, and meaningful reports."

Tracy Barlow,



Improvement Manager

“MxStrategies provides FMC Lithium with robust support for our operational excellence initiative."

Dennis Wetherford,

Houghton International

Plant Manager

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