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Consulting Services

Embedding best practices into your organization.

Operational excellence and reliability improve production performance, manufacturing capabilities and capacity.


MxStrategies' experienced practitioners know how to build sustainable excellence into an organization. We bring best practices into your organization to achieve near-term improvement while enabling your organization for long-term data driven excellence.

MxStrategies brings a focused, but well-rounded, engagement approach across the site or global team. Excellence needs to span across organizational practices that design, buy, store, operate and maintain operating facilities and equipment. The biggest improvement opportunities often lie in neglected aspects or cross functional areas. Engineering led initiatives tend toward design-out. Reliability tend toward specialist solutions. Operations & maintenance led are overly influenced by current issues. MxStrategies builds on existing strengths using a team-based approach to optimize the organization's performance.

Another strength of MxStrategies comes from our focus on "retaining the gain". Improvements in organizations typically follow a cycle where excellent progress is made and benefits realized, but three to five years later those improvements are lost because of management focus and personnel changes.


MxStrategies' approach builds excellent systems and embeds practices that continue progress and sustain improvements. This is even more valuable to an organization than the initial realized gain, for two reasons. The obvious reason is that the ongoing cost reduction / capacity increase / delivery performance is not later lost. The other is that today's improvements can start from yesterday's retained gains (like compound earnings).

MxStrategies' software is embedded with best practices that bear results. This can help accelerate organizational readiness and change management during our consulting services. It also helps embed systems and practices into an organization to not only "retain the gain", but also "sustain the aim". We leave with your organization remaining engaged in continuous data driven improvement.


Best Practices Examples

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Our practitioners have experience working globally across five continents and a variety of cultures.  

We can work with large multi-national corporations as well as small, single-site manufacturing operations.


Please contact us to discuss how MxStrategies can help your organization achieve its unique improvement goals.

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