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MxMax™ Software Suite

with special features that make it uniquely effective for production lines and other interconnected processes.


Leverage manufacturing productivity
for strategic advantage

MxMax SPI Abbreviated Logo.png

Strategic Productivity Initiative

  • Executives engage Productivity for strategic advantage

  • Dashboards reveal performance & components

  • Visual boards enable tactical excellence

  • Leading indicators of future performance

  • Production data linked to projects


Powerful manufacturing advantage through our flagship product

MxMax Productivity Dark-02.png
  • Manufacturing Productivity improvement

  • Management oversight, executive visibility

  • Additional capacity; production capability

  • Process configurable for line performance

  • Asset Utilization: Production, capacity

  • OEE: Operations team performance


Regulatory compliant electronic signatures, records & batch review

MxMax Comply Logo.png
  • Electronic Records and Signatures

  • Continuous and batch processing

  • Compile records from multi-station / blending operations

  • Highlights non-conformances

  • Manufacturing approvals / Batch records review

  • 21CFR Part 11 Validated software

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       …Operators self-motivated to account for performance

       …Supervisors informed before arrival at the control room

       …Engineers with deep data at their fingertips

       …Executives optimizing the impact of each investment

MxMax Productivity™ Logo.png

A backbone of the MxMax™ software suite, the Productivity™ module efficiently captures and combines organizational intelligence on production performance.


It enables oversight, reveals total process performance, provides deep data for engineers as well as metrics and tools for executives and management.

MxMax Productivity™ captures production loss causes (versus best shift / batch), quantifies them in a manner that “ties out” to business results and provides performance metrics pertinent to various functions in your site and supply chain.  This enables keen oversight of operations and provides rich data for improvement processes.

MxMax™ is built on best practices that engage your workforce in the pursuit of excellence and the achievement of visible results.

Our Clients use the Productivity™ module to deliver business results

through operational excellence:

  • Improved Performance to Plan

  • More Capable Production Dynamics

  • Increased Process Capacity

MxMax Productivity™

Achieve Performance Clarity

MxMax™ reveals production line performance, providing much more than a directionally correct metric.


It differentiates performance from product mix changes, sales demand and other factors.


It shows the business impact of improved performance and quantifies future opportunities, and identifies those directly controllable by the plant team.


Shift/Batch/ Lot data capture,

communications, quality & consumption

MxMax GMP Logo.png

Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Electronic LogSheets to collect production information

  • In specification / out of spec indicators

  • FDA GMP compliance with MxMax Comply™ plugin

  • Production records and optimization information

  • Shift communications center

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Connect Plug.png
MxMax SPI™

Global Reach, Local Impact

MxMax Productivity™ enables enterprise / division / site standards and contains the configurability needed to implement them consistently across different processes. Being cloud based, MxMax™ provides global visibility for remote work and clear oversight.


This means that meaningful data can be extracted and analyzed across processes and sites.

MxMax™ also displays local language & terminology, enabling excellent usability and fostering ownership.

MxMax Productivity Organization Breakdown.png

MxMax™ has been implemented across five continents and in 14 countries. 

Our clients range from large international manufacturing organizations to small, single-site operations.


Whatever your organizational size or makeup, MxMax™ can be scaled to meet your needs.

Ensure Effectiveness

MxStrategies knows how to build sustainable operational excellence into manufacturing, mining and materials processing organizations. Our experienced practitioner-consultants train the organization, ingrain best practices and work with the site team to ensure optimal software setup. We foster team ownership and the effective use of our products to deliver data driven operational excellence.

Process type configuration.png

MxStrategies works with your team at implementation to setup the optimal configuration for each process. MxMax™ then enables your administrators to perform all adjustments needed to fit your changing organization and needs.

Engage your workforce

MxMax Productivity™ engages the workforce, bringing a new level of accountability to the operators, mechanics and supervisors. It transitions engineers from data manipulation to analysis and action.

It places information at management's fingertips to enable tactical excellence and strategic relevance.

Gaining strategic capacity and competitive advantage

MxMax SPI Abbreviated Logo Dark-01.png

Manufacturing Productivity does not often receive the executive attention needed to maximize its business contribution.


The value of increased manufacturing asset utilization directly and substantially impacts gross profit when additional capacity can be utilized in customer fulfillment. The gross profit contribution margin is much larger than fixed cost absorption or average gross profit indicate, even before consideration of capital avoidance. It also indirectly impacts gross profit through lower costs, higher customer fulfillment and successful execution of sourcing strategies.

Interested business and manufacturing executives push for operational excellence practices and realize
excellent benefits when they are achieved. But business and manufacturing executives rarely have the
information and leverage needed to deploy operational excellence in fulfillment of strategic interests,
such as development of their capacity strategy. Also, operational excellence is not often embedded in work processes sufficiently to survive regime change.

MxStrategies' Strategic Productivity Initiative joins with our customers to enable strategic deployment of operational excellence. MxMax SPI™ is designed to support this initiative.

MxMax SPI™ is a set of software tools that provide performance visibility and communications an organization needs for tactical excellence and strategic empowerment. In support of our

Strategic Productivity Initiative, our goal is to advance the state-of-art for strategic engagement of manufacturing productivity.

At a site level:

  • Visual boards and dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute production status, enable weekly/monthly glide path projections and communicate issues.

  • Tools that enable collaboration on improvements and tie targeted production losses to strategic productivity initiatives.

At the global level:

  • Dashboards that provide current information on site & product line performance, enable monthly / quarterly glide path projections and communicate issues.

  • Leading indicators forecast the cumulative impact of strategic productivity initiatives, and enable the executive to ensure timely delivery of strategic business goals.

Dynamic dashboards:

deliver business critical information using MxMax™ data

  • Performance versus plan and versus ideal (absolute / long-term performance)

    • For the enterprise, division, business, process

    • Global, regional, country, site

    • Production impact / gross profit impact / glide path

  • Granularity in exceptions to plan:

    • Production performance

    • Product mix

    • Sales

    • Capital expansion timing

    • Process technology timing


Capacity planning: optimize with clarity

  • Process & site analysis

    • Production performance:

      • Identify opportunities through targeted elimination of losses

      • Quantify capital avoidance

    • Capital expansion options: Define options and capital required

      • Model options’ capacity impact by process section, production line, site

      • Sensitivity analysis of demand and product mix changes

    • Process technology options: define options and investment required

      • Model options’ capacity impact by process section, production line, site

      • Sensitivity analysis of demand and product mix changes

  • Business analysis: capacity utilization; capital; revenue; costs; profit

    • Product portfolio forecast

    • Sales demand forecast

    • Select locally defined options; view aggregate impact

Business planning

MxMax GMP™
MxMax GMP Logo.png
MxMax Comply Logo.png

Regulatory compliant electronic signatures, records & batch review

Good Manufacturing Practices:

documentation, communication, effectiveness

MxMax Comply™

Are you still using paper logsheets?

Are your electronic records not providing the operator focus and operational clarification needed?


Is all of your performance and production information readily visible?


Could communications on/off shift use improvement?


These are areas where MxMax GMP™ can help.

MxMax GMP™ utilizes customized electronic logsheets that display and group data, making important information readily visible and production performance obvious. It collects manual as well as automated data and fosters an environment of personal and team responsibility. The GMP™ Communications Center aides in shift communications and the GMP™ Production Center provides quick oversight of shift operations.

MxMax GMP Example.jpg

Augmenting the GMP™ Module with MxMax Comply™ enables audit ready regulatory compliance while also providing electronic signature capability, multi-station batch/lot information compilation and administrative oversight.

The Strategic Productivity Initiative™ harnesses the captured information to engage the organization from CEO to control room through dashboards and visual boards, enabling tactical excellence and strategic advantage.

MxMax Productivity™ adds strong production performance engagement and powerful manufacturing productivity improvement processes.

MxMax Comply™ provides a ready means to improve data integrity while satisfying manufacturing regulations.


It eliminates handling, organizing and retention issues with paper-based records, replacing them with compliant electronic records and signatures.  Comply™ adds data precision and supporting information that increase the effectiveness of records review and approval activities. This keeps your organization ‘audit ready’, with downloadable and printable access to critical manufacturing records.

MxMax Comply™ has been validated to satisfy U.S. 21 CFR Part 11 (and global equivalents) and applicable sections of FDA Q7a GMP Guideline, 21 CFR Part 211 and USP 1083.1.

MxMax Comply Process.jpg
  • Aggregate options up the organization

  • Migrate business decisions into dynamic dashboards

MxMax™ puts your quality administrators (QA) in control of granting access, authorizing users in various roles and publishing standards. Operators take ownership for their actions and data. Manufacturing authorities are also defined for checking data and approving production records. QA Admin are authorized to take actions during batch records review.

MxMax Comply™ works for batch processes, continuous processes and production lines that have a combination of both.

Publishing of Standards

Customers publish standards in MxMax Comply™, to define parameters required for the safe and high-quality manufacture of GMP regulated products (Comply™ Critical Parameters).


This includes production steps and other conformance criteria. Customized electronic log sheets, approved by manufacturing and QA, are then used to capture production information for each batch (Comply™ eLogsheets).

MxMax™ makes the proper Comply™ eLogsheets available for operators at each operating station. It also compares production values to Comply™ Critical Parameters and highlights potential non-conformances for extra attention during data entry and the subsequent Batch Record Review (BRR).

Production Data

MxMax Comply™ is designed to work with batch processes, continuous processes or combination processes.


One or more eLogsheets are used to collect data at each production station. Compliance related production information is compiled across production stations, including records for add-back and blending, made available for manufacturing approval and presented for Batch Records Review (BRR).

Batch Records Review (BRR)

MxMax™ flags missing data, missing signatures and parameters that fall outside of standards,

for special attention during BRR.


It also documents actions taken by the reviewer for each batch, and the reasoning behind their decisions.

Once the batch is released or failed, a version controlled Comply™ Record is created for the batch

and made available for the duration of the retention period.

Summary of MxMax Comply™

MxMax Comply™ is designed to enable your organization to ensure data integrity,

satisfy regulations, remain ‘audit ready’ and achieve organizational efficiency.

Electronic records and their automatic compilation in MxMax™ eliminate non-value-added work and the potential for mistakes inherent in processing the otherwise required paper documents.


Intelligent, quality assurance approved forms enable the operators to collect the correct data

and eliminate data entry mistakes.


Fulfillment of record keeping requirements is made visible and accurate through management reports, by time-stamped production data and with logs of any changes in data or actions.


Presentation of all pertinent batch information, highlighting of non-conformance's, audit trails and incident notifications, inform batch records review and assure that areas of potential concern are not overlooked. Version controlled electronic records effectively fulfill regulatory requirements and drastically reduce audit preparation.

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